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Film School films

Series of films made while attending AFTRS.

Observation and Research: Observation exercise

Hung around Martin Place in the city and took lots of time-lapse and 25fps footage.
Mixed it all together and added a sound track.
First time mixing time-lapse and full motion, first time mixing in a bit of voice into the audio.

Stumpy Joe

Exercise for Juxtaposition and Rhythm

For this exercise the class paired up and the small groups each wrote a short story.
then two pairs joined up and we were tasked with meshing the two stories together.
It's all about juxtaposition, parallel story lines, etc.

Got a lot of practice using the NLE on this one.
Pulling in the clips, sorting out the dross, and sending clips out to AE for colour work.

Joshua Harper,  Peter Sneddon,  Hee Yeong Kim, Dave Timperley

Killen the Buzz

Exercise for Rhythm and Juxtaposition. built in four day using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

The second week of Story and Audience trailer

The second week was where we took everything we learnt by dissected films in the first week, and and built stories of our own.
What follows is the culmination for me of the two weeks.

Our final exercise was to create a trailer for our scripts.

Priestly Ways

Exercise for Story and Audience.
Develop a character and develop a short piece using this character.
Dan Monk, Matt Bartlett, Dave Timperley

Emotional Noise exercise

It's all about the audio. Shut your eyes!

Lighting exercise

We spent the morning learning about types of lights and their application. The afternoon was ours to experiment. Our piece starts with extreme coloured lights while we played with the setups. Gradually we settled to a nicely lit portrait. Dave Timperley Jeremy Donazzan Nathaniel Oliveri Ashley Wing

Suspense exercise

Create suspense with three shots. Adam Lemmey Costa Pegios Annette Sicari David Timperley

Green screen exercise

Our mission was to use the green screen to portray 'scale.' Albert Self Ashley Wing Dave Timperley This year Im working through AFTRS inaugural Foundation coarse. These are pieces created in the two week Image subject.