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Documentary style

Series of films with an observational theme.

APEC Sydney

APEC the group doesn't upset me personally, but our local governments efforts to curb our right to free speech got up my nose a bit. Including buying a water cannon truck that didn't get used, and probably wont ever (this is Australia for pete's sake.)
Bit of a laugh when the demo reached the park, and I saw a long line of protesters trailing back from the back of an Espresso truck.
The govt don't need no Pepper spray to stop a protest action over here. What they need is a high mobility beer tent.

Vivid festival Light walk time-lapse: Sydney 09

Time lapse film of the Light Sculptures at Sydney's Vivid winter festival.

Bondi Wind Festival 09

Featuring the kites being flown during the Fest o Wind held on Bondi Beach.

Mini Microcosmos

A video of bugs shot mostly in Australia with macro. I've been collecting these little clips of insects for a while now. Suddenly had enough to string together into a short video with a bit of music to keep the pace up. Mostly glitch with a bit of Hiphop (all done with Acid.) Featured are a lady bug, a Weta from New Zealand, two beetles (one green and the other iridescent,) and my finger. Don't watch if you don't like spiders.

Sculptures by the Sea 06

I live in a city which is blessed with great natural beauty. Which can be a curse, cause very little effort is directed towards architecture or public sculpture. Luckily for us, each year there is a free sculpture walk along the beaches and cliffs. This is my interpretation

Sculpture by the Sea 08

Time-lapse video set to music, of the Sculpture by the Sea event in Sydney Australia.
This is the third year that I've braved the crowds and walked the coast.
This is one of my favourite events in Sydney. Sculptures are placed either side of a path that traces the cliffs above the coast, to the East of Sydney city.

Eco Tourism

This piece is a compilation of two trips I’ve taken with research missions.

The Oceania project August of 07 is studying the transitory Humpback whale population in Hervey bay, Queensland, Australia. Anyone can sign up to help out with the research.
Having spent the winter in the Great Barrier reef, giving birth to their calves, they journey down the coast of Australia returning to the Antarctic for the summer. The vessel was the Moon Dancer, and a small group of us had paid to volunteer to help with the research undertaken by Trish and Wally Franklin PhD.

Spanish dolphin EarthWatch expedition: Sept 06.
The mission started in 1992, after the Toftevaag had been restored and refitted
The first project was the study of a mass die-off of the striped dolphin off the coast of Spain.
Recently they have focused on monitoring of cetacean populations that have been suffering a regression in the Mediterranean over the last few decades.
The research site chosen is the Alboran Sea, the transition zone between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.