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This week I decided to 'get official,' so I bought a Domain and registered a business in Australia (though I hear the Delaware in the States is the go.) Decided to go with registering the Domain before the business name, cause I'm competing with the whole planet for .com Domain names. I wanted dropbear.com but a squatter had parked their arse on that name. So I went for droppedbear.com, which is growing on me. it's got all that d-b-p action that's going on. Then the Fair Trading office pointed out that Drop Bear is owned by a clothing chain, and Drop Bear Productions is a music studio down in Tazzie, so I ended up with 'Droppedbear Media.' All up, I'm pretty happy with the result. Corporate identity Started thinking bout my corp. image and started sketching out a logo. Thought I'd give this 'crowd sourcing' thing a go and open up the decision making process to the net. Designed a series of logos, built a poll, and inserted the content into a web page on my new domain.

Got a great response to my first 'call out.' (74 people took the poll, from 327 views of the site.)

A selection of the comments... careful with D... although I like it the most... is too confusing to read. b works for me because of the literal use of "dropped" the d and b as one works well (as in version A) good luck jd sorry mate none of these - with a name like that i think you should be looking at something a little funkier - it is not my intention to offend - it is just that - if you were my client I would be looking into drop bear folk law and playing on imagery related to that. I wish you all the best with your new company Thanks :-) A could be seen as cheeky C emphasises 'ped' but the reason is unclear D has the highest possibility of being misread E like A, could be seen as cheeky B seems to be safest option Good luck with the new business Omar Dabbagh I would keep away from emphasising "ped" because "pedobear" is an internet meme, and emphasing "ped bear" would bring you unwanted attention. Had no idea what this comment was referring too until I got this link from a mate http://www.wired.com/culture/culturereviews  None of the options have Dropped and Bear being clearly defined. I'd recommend The D in dropperd and the B in bear to be one colour ant the remaining characters the other. IMHO this would make the name stick more. C & B were easiest to read. C is the stronger of the two. Good luck with your new business! Thanks to everyone that commented. I really appreciate the time you gave. It's like a web based peer review. Kinda hard work reading peoples very honest opinions, but it's great for curbing some of my excess's. Then I designed a second set of logos Taking into account comments and the polling from the first round...

(60 people took the poll, from 182 views of the site.)
Noticed that I was getting many more visits then responses so I included a 'don't like any' option.


A selection of the comments...
My fav is A and I also like E, D would be my third fav. Sorry to sound harsh, but I don't like B or C at all, I don't like the koala image and in B it looks like the koala has dropped to a bloody death, with the red splash on the right, looks a bit gorey for a logo. I think A stands out and is quite bold and clean cut, those splashes in most of the other logos look a bit dated. Hope this helps!
It's all good. A is boring, B & C look like a kid designed them, D violent, E best of them (perhaps bring the media back into the logo or drop media altogether).  
I was trying for naive or primitive. Have to keep working at it ;-)

the blood splatter looks cool, but only if it was a movie or something.  As a company logo, i don't think it's a smart move.
My flat mate suggested paw prints in the blood just in case people didn't get the message ;-) 

not a fan of the bear's green eyes, clashes with the red. Also probably too detailed for a logo...ie won't work small or in black & white. Cheers!  
Good point, I have some other ideas to try in a future re-working.

E is clearly the best, however the "r" at the end is barely readable, re-work that and you have a winner!
I think A is very clever. I didn't like the joined db before, but this is a great solution. I do like the idea of including a bear though, cause it's nice to have some context for the name.  I would include a teddy bear lying upside down on the left side of the logo like it's been dropped there from above, but that's without knowing anything about the company other than the name. or B, but I'd move the bear from the right and combine it with the splat. B has a much more informal feel to it A is more serious and corporate. So which is better depends on how you align yourself. -stib
You're getting a Christmas present (ha ha)

i think you could try B without a bear? and/or a combo between B and D. i really like the bear sketch but it's pretty literal....how about using sketchy elements eg maybe for the word "dropbear"?  I think E also works but would love to have see that one in red instead of the brown. Hope that helps :)

Whoops. so much for de-emphasising the blood ;-) 

Actually Dave i like D without the splat.., but i dont know what the site is for. A blood splat suggests 'youth'..??

Great point. Who is the potential audience? 

Though all I can see is the phallic db combo after the other DLF posts.
I'd lose the green eyes on the bear and make them bigger perhaps? I go with the B. For more formal, I guess A is. Go with sideways MEDIA. It's cool.
That would be my skewed sense of humour raising it's head, from the first round. 

Hey Dave, I'm voting for B again.  I might have to vote several more times until B is winning.  Ignore the comments about the goriness of the logo, they should be glad they don't have to see the dropbear tearing the koala to pieces ! BTW much improved the Round One candidates. Chris
Thank Christ a few people get me! As my flatmate pointed out. there is a wide range o taste's out there.

 I like the koala form, not entirely convinced by the blue behind it though.  Maybe extend the main background? Also, the word 'media' looks much more professional in this design. I think the blood splatter could put off prospective clients. Cheers, Daniel

Thanks again for everyone's input. Much appreciated. I posted invitations on Facebook, and on an industry mailing list. Facebook visits were much lower then from the industry mailing list. Also cut my family from the second round to see what it did to the results. I thought that this was a good way to get my biz name out there, got a few visits to the site, and some really helpful opinions. I've decided that ambiguity in logo design is the go (Commonwealth bank for instance.) Will go with E for now and return to this exercise at a later date.