Since this isn’t a baseball sim, we could set the diamonds in places that kids hang out and build temporary arenas such as…

  • Adventure playgrounds, summer/ winter (snow cover alters gameplay) versions.
  • Farmer’s field where a stream divides the diamond and stomping on a cow turd is an ever-present danger with summer/ winter (snow cover alters gameplay) versions.
  • Indoor playfield in a school cafeteria, where food fights and the queue for food add extra dimensions.
  • The beach where the surf plays havoc with the outfield, and watch out for the family who suddenly set up a picnic in the middle of the playfield.


A wintry playfield would allow altered play characteristics such as allowing the player a longer slide due to the icy track between the bases.

The stream running through the farmer’s field would have frozen and can be run across though it is slippery.

Obstacles for the base runners could be snow men built on the track.

Snowballs could be thrown by the outfield to distract the runners (especially if we use the full 3d, as the snowballs would show up as ball blimps on the radar.

The ball may land in a snowdrift and time would be wasted digging it out


The playfield would have a place for team selection

  • A diamond
  • Scoreboard
  • Place for the batting team to congregate whist waiting for a turn at bat.