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Vehicle detail

Pitt makes use of a wide variety of vehicles in his adventures and I’ve outlined a few vehicle gameplay mechanics.

Vehicle detail: Desert run

The player controls the speed of the jeep.
The behaviour of the jeep changes depending on the speed and type of the dune. 

These dunes are units, which can be joined together to form a field of dunes…

•   Small rounded
Drive straight over or increase speed for a small hop.

•    Large rounded
Drive over or hit at high speed to be launched at a useful height for jumping attacking trucks.

•    Large steep
Drive over or get launched almost straight up into the air and roll over to land on roof and eventually roll back onto wheels.

•    Large concave
At a slow speed, the jeep will have problems driving over the dune or may even tip them back so that the jeep rolls over onto its roof.

Mounting at high speed will cause the jeep to jump almost vertical and peel left or right.


There are also a couple of flat scenery units…

•    Hard sand
Great for driving across and finding a line of these will get the player a long way fast.

•    Soft sand
Pulls at the wheels and slows the jeep right down. Not good to take a bad jump and end up floundering as the mortar trucks converge.

•    Hollow
Slows the jeep down and lots of revs needed to get up the slope.

These are extremes and the player can use steering and speed to find a safe path through the dunes.
Unfortunately they are being pursued by trucks, which lob mortar shells at him

All these units can be stung together like a jigsaw and designers can construct paths and traps. 

The sand dunes don’t pose any hazard and the player could eventually master the technique and arrive at destination.
So we introduce pursuing mortar trucks. These units chase the player and lob mortar shells in an attempt to stop the jeep. These shells arc across the playfield and throw a shadow across the dunes, which the player uses to judge the angle and speed of attack. 


Vehicle detail: River boat

Gameplay: Vehicle.
Piloting a boat up the river and fighting off attackers
Our heroes board a power launch, which has been out fitted with missiles and machine guns.
The river is bordered by lush jungle, which reduces the line of sight to the section of river curving away in front of the boat.

Point the boat at what you want to shoot, the large reticule will float 


Mine rescue detail

Same playfield based on the gold mine.
This is player at night

Flying towards mine in Special Forces airbus at night.
Moon and spotlights provide illumination.

Floor of open cut.

Fmv: fly in with UN Special Forces. Land and exit plane with military dune buggy and three APC’s.

Gameplay: speed across dunes till you come to the hole in the ground that is the mine.

•    Drive down the ramps taking whatever route you prefer avoiding rock falls, jumping gaps….  


•    Exit the vehicles and enter the mine tunnels 

•    Find the scientists
•    Exit mine