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Third person detail

The focus character is Pitt. He appears in the centre of the screen and the player controls his movements such as running, attacking, climbing.

Al also appears on the screen, but he is basically an independent NPC.
Al shadows Pitt’s movements always trying to maintain a position slightly behind and to the right or left.

He runs and climbs following Pitt, and attacks when Pitt does.

There are two types of attack available. Projectile and hand to hand.

Pitt as able to pick up guns and use them. Running through corridors, a cursor in front of Pitt seeks out the best target relative to Pitt’s direction of travel.
The only projectile weapon Al can use is the grenade, which he carries a series of, on a bandolier strung across his body from a shoulder. The grenades are only available on some levels.
Al runs along behind picking his own targets, though he has a tendency to lob grenades into knots of attackers to maximise the effectiveness of the ‘splash damage.’
Al will always take great care to avoid causing damage to Pitt.

Hand to hand:
The character may on occasion not have a projectile weapon available and a ‘hand to hand’ option is included. if there is a single opponent, Al will help Pitt dispatch. If there is more then a single opponent, the A.I. chooses a target for AL

Kick: doors in, crates and chairs across the room, people in the guts.

Lift and throw crates and chairs across the room,

Team play:
The player has a degree of control over Al. there are two buttons available that are communications to the Al character.

Cover me:
Al stands on spot and launches grenades at all attackers.

Take out: a target appears, press the select button and the reticule flicks from available target to target be it door, attacker, car, whatever and Al keeps lobbing grenades until it’s destroyed.
Examples of using Al to aid progress through game…


    Climbing a series of levels with ladders. The pair run up to a series of levels, reached by short ladders. Bad guys appear through doors at the far ends of the respective platforms. Run to the first ladder and activate the ‘cover me’ command. Al stands on the spot and lobs grenades up the levels at any attackers that appear. Pitt can now advance up the first ladder. Station him self with pistol ready. Flick the ‘cover me’ button and Al drops into ‘shadow mode’ and climbs the ladder to join Pitt, while Pitt keeps him covered. Repeat sequence to reach the top of the section.





 •    Travelling across a warehouse full of boxes. Arrive on one side of a warehouse, standing on a high-suspended walkway. Lots of bad guys running around on the warehouse floor below. Station Al where you hope he will have a wide arc of attack. Trigger ‘cover me’ and direct Pitt down a pile of stacked boxes while Al sends out grenades on arcs of death to the floor below.





•    Running down a corridor and wanting to enter a locked room. Running up a corridor, checking each room for item. Come to a locked door. Stand back and activate ‘take out.’ Al launches three grenades in quick succession. The combined explosion destroys door. Pitt leaps through gap and Al stands in ‘guard mode.’ Once inside, Pitt finds a hoard of bad guys so flicking the ‘take out’ button drops Al into shadow mode and he joins Pitt in the room for some hand to hand.




Waste processing plant capture detail

Game play: Third person.



Stealthy in and discover the source of the contamination. They have no weapons except what they can retrieve.
Pitt and al find themselves inside a massive underground instillation.
There are lifts that look as though they lead up into the tower, but they are armoured and Al doesn’t have any grenades to blow the doors open.

Stopped from going up the building by armoured elevators

The player must explore the maze of corridors and rooms.
The metal walls become stone as the player Works their way down into tunnels cut into the bedrock.

Robot room:

Room filled with drums of waste. A guy up in a sealed booth is using robot arms to shift the drums of waste onto a conveyer belt.
Get through the room, the guy will try to stop you with the arms.
If you find the ladder leading to the control room before you enter the room. You can take out the operator and easily traverse the room.
There are two exits from the room, a door in the opposite room and the conveyer belt bearing the drums of waste.

At the very bottom they discover a huge cavern filled with nuclear waste containment vessels.

Waste processing plant finale detail

The player revisits the facility but now enters from outside the field of heliostats.
Gameplay: Attack through the field of mirrors, be careful cause the enemy inside is using them as a weapon.
Kill the bad guys but avoid killing marines

Gung-ho in and kill Massarde to win the game

Pitt and Al have to get into the ‘waste processing plant’ to capture the boss.
Level begins with the heroes standing under a huge mirror array with a group of marines. The objective is the huge tower loaming up in the centre of the heliostat forest.
Running forward Pitt and Al must kill any bad guys that are hiding amongst the heliostats.
A cursor appears centred on an enemy gunman and Pitt fires, bringing the opponent down. At the same moment Al (under AI control) standing just behind Pitt has spotted a second henchman, who has just stepped into view and is taking aim at Pitt. Al lobs a grenade, which kills the opponent, but weakens the metal trunk bearing the weight of the huge mirrors it holds. The whole unit crashes down like a felled tree. The player directs Pitt to leap out of the way and Al shadows his movement.
Advancing they find there progress halted by a group of bad guys who are using a heliostat as cover. Pitt directs Al to lob a couple of grenades, and the tower topples down, bad guys left out in the open, and Pitt picks them off.

On entering the tower they find the same armoured doors guarding the lifts.
It’s a whole new ball game as Al now has grenades and the player can direct him to blow the doors and gain entrance to the tower.

Massarde is holed up in his office just below the solar reactor.

Third person detail: Mine escape entrance detail

Open cut mine out in the middle of the desert.
Blending of concentration camp and mine.
Dug down to a flat basin floor
Entrance to a maze of underground tunnels.

Game play:   

Exit the mine tunnels and find oneself in bright daylight. The floor of the open cut is fitted with prisoners and guards. Hide by walking amongst the other prisoners.  


View from open cut floor  


Hazards such as gaps, guard towers, and rock falls


Road cuts under conveyer belt.