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Sub games: detail

Inserted among the main game elements are a series of ‘sub games’

Special detail: Alamo

Gameplay: special.

It’s a bit like that scene in ‘Starship troopers’ when the solders are trapped in the outpost and they look out over the walls and see a horde of attacks approaching.

Jets: use the Gatling gun to take out as many jets as possible as they swoop towards the fort and let loose missiles.
The bullets take time to travel through the air so judging the speed and path of the planes is important. They tend to sweep directly at the fort to launch a missile.

Pitt’s catapult:

The planes stop once the tanks are in range.
Pitt builds a catapult out of timbers and truck suspension springs.
Fires flaming barrels of diesel oil at advancing tanks.
The barrels are lobbed up into the air so judging the range is important.
The tanks drive forward at a steady pace

Pitts hand grenades:

Once the infantry is in range the tanks halt.
Lob grenades at approaching infantry and stop them from getting through the holes that the planes and tanks left in the wall.
The grenade has a splash influence and finesse is called for in trying to take out as many men as possible with each toss of the pineapple.
The men tend to run in criss cross patterns that form and disperse small knots that the player must identify and lob before they return fire. 

Special detail: Board train at night

Gameplay: third person.
Pitt and al board a supply train as it passes the French fort.
Rotating light on tractor illuminating the scenery.
Third person.

Gameplay: Make the dash when the light is on other side of rotation.
Board moving train

Mine escape sniper detail

Get to the mouth of the tunnels and find that the marines are trapped behind the vehicles.

•    Run, leap into water, swim to island, activate conveyer belt, ride to top, and spill out onto tailings heap. 

•    Find a good spot at the lip of the open cut, and provide cover fire for the vehicles as they drive up the ramps to escape the mine. 

The APC’s will take the longest, least hazardous route.