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There are major three types of game play available to the player as they work their way through the game.

Third person

Tomb raider type third person action but introducing a ‘wingman.’
This gives the player extra functionality as the ‘wingman’ has slightly different characteristics to the main ‘focus’ character.
Influences: Ikary fighters 


Pitt and Al have to get into the ‘waste processing plant’ to capture the boss.
Level begins with the heroes standing under a huge mirror array with a group of marines. The objective is the huge tower rising up in the centre of the heliostat forest.
Running forward Pitt and Al must kill any bad guys that are hiding amongst the heliostats.
A cursor appears centred on an enemy gunman and Pitt fires, bringing the opponent down. At the same moment Al (under AI control) standing just behind Pitt has spotted a second henchman, who has just stepped into view and is taking aim at Pitt. Al lobs a grenade, which kills the opponent, but weakens the metal trunk bearing the weight of the huge mirrors it holds aloft. The whole unit crashes down like a felled tree. The player directs Pitt to leap out of the way and Al shadows his movement.
Advancing, they find their progress halted by a group of bad guys who are using a heliostat as cover. Pitt directs Al to lob a couple of grenades, and the tower topples down, bad guys are left out in the open, and Pitt picks them off.

A vehicle stage is entered by the player directing the Pitt character towards the desired car or boat.
Once the character is in the ‘cross over zone,’ the program takes control of the character, and black ‘wide screen’ bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen, indicating that the player must wait till control is returned.
The program plays a set piece where the characters board the vehicle, and the camera rises up and behind to a preordained position.
The bars are wiped away, and the control is returned to the player.
A HUD overlays a reminder graphic, which details the control set-up for the vehicle.


Game negotiated in 'Third person'


Transition to vehicle mode



Game now assumed 'Vehicle mode'

Piloting a boat up the river and fighting off attackers
Our heroes board a power launch, which has been out fitted with missiles and machine guns.
The river is bordered by lush jungle, which reduces the line of sight to the section of river curving away in front of the boat.
Influences: Wave race, blue storm

On the run across the desert and chased by mortar lobbing trucks, our heroes jump across the dunes.
Influences: Ironman Stuarts Super Off Road

Special stages
These are sub games where the player may be presented with a novel viewpoint and control mechanism. There is a set goal that must be achieved such as defend something, or get hostages to safety, etc.

Example: The Alamo
Set in the abandoned French foreign legion fort.
The rescue force is hiding out in fort waiting to hijack a train and escape back to the boarder. They are discovered and an assault is mounted by Mali jets, tanks, and infantry.
Pitt has to defend the rapidly disintegrating fort until Al arrives with the cavalry.
Third person controlling Pitt as he runs along the tops of the battlements shooting at planes and lobbing explosives at an advancing enemy.
Influences: Epyx beachhead