Game is based on the book ‘Sahara’ by Clive Cussler.

The game flow tells the story as detailed in the book, with a series of game levels bridged by short movies.

Some of the action from the book has been expanded or modified to improve gaming aspects.

There is a movie in production and gameplay elements may need to be synced with the movie.

Game spec originally created 24 Sept 2003

Game experience is split into three types of play… •    Third person: ‘Tomb Raider’ type third person running and combat 

•    Vehicle: Controlling a vehicle towards a goal 

•    Special: Self contained mini game stages.

All bridged with FMV where the story is communicated to player.
What follows is a summary of the game concepts. 

My angle on the story
This is one in a series of books that Cussler has written with Pitt as the central character.

•    Pitt has a strong revenge inclination and more than happy to kill people who he feels have wrong him or those he cares about.

•    Lot’s of tech in the novels and tends to be maritime based.

•    Usually a salvage of some sort is involved.

•    Not afraid to call in the cavalry and it’s usually Navy Seals.

•    Likes his classic cars and possibly, boats even more.

•    Stories started to get a lot more complex when Clive stated to weave parallel storylines.


Bit like bond
Lots of parallels with James bond though it is much more of an ensemble piece as peripheral characters get a lot of narrative time.

Lot’s of secret bases and world destroying themes.
Exotic locations that tend to be near, on, or under the sea.
Always has something going on with a female character.

Bond equivalents:
Dirk Pitt / Bond
Al Giordino / Felix
Rudi Gunn / Q
Admiral James Sandecker / M