Story Description


The fat WHERRRNNN as the blades chew through a clump of wild foliage leaving a wide flat track of closely clipped grass.


The thrill at the illicit destruction of carefully tended flowerbeds.


Pilot the mower, as the owner chases you around his pride-and- joy

The player is a teenager, who needs some extra folding stuff. Lots of it!

Poking around in the family garage, the cash strapped teenager discovers a rusty old machine, invented by his father.  This machine becomes a fine money-spinner as it converts vegetable matter into a vigorous form of fuel.

The player guides our hero though a series of challenges, and hopefully develops attachments for their gradually improved and battle tested mower.

Climb the rickety ladder to fame as you battle the establishment, ‘cause everyone you meet wants you to ‘KEEP OFF THE GRASS!’


After shaving patches as diverse as the Maple Valley High School Football Arena and the Union Central Park, the player faces a final confrontation with the ‘King of Pop’ who has captured a trespassing gang of kids from the neighbourhood.

The player must free the kids and discover the king of pops secret. All the while collecting up grass to keep the trusty mower blades spinning.