Game Features

Make me excited about mowing lawns!
Game begins with the player being given the opportunity to mow the family homes back yard so they can test a strange device, discovered in the garage.

Commanding a ‘Ride-on-mower’ with a punchy little petrol motor, that steers from the back wheels so it’s possible to kick the rear out in a slide.  The mower bumps and jostles as its short wheelbase rockets around colourful and busy environments.

 Once a level is completed, fun and useful enhancements can be bolted onto your mower.   A completely new challenge is offered when a “Hover mower” vehicle becomes available in the final stages of the game.

There are a series of levels available for the player to visit.  They all run on a time limit so getting good at doing the job quickly, is the aim. 

A wide variety of hazards (some terminal to your mower) infest the levels and these must be avoided and/or mastered.  


The shaking money-maker.
The key to making your first million is a portable, highly accelerated, fermenting machine that you found in the family garage. Your father invented it years ago, when he was young and idealistic. He tried to sell the design to a big multinational agricultural machinery manufacturer but failed and now works for that same multinational as a clerk n a regional office. 

Our hero discovers that the machine makes a brilliant internal combustion fuel, a bolt of grass roots entrepreneurial inspiration hits.

After a successful test run mowing the family lawn, you load the fermenting unit and the family mower into your van and set off in search of free grass.


Improve the mower with bigger engines, larger hopper capacity, lights for when the daylight wanes, better cutting blades, or a sparkling and creative new paint job to impress your friends and frighten your opponents. 


Intelligent enemies try to stop the player by chasing and boarding the mower, or herding the player into traps, and finally by wielding and firing weapons.



Product overview

Game Type
3D Third person combat racer.

No. Players

In-game View
3rd Person

Target Age
5-21 years old

Violence Level

Detailed environments grounded in ‘Steven Spielberg’s’ middle America. 

Target Platform
Any 3D capable next-generation console (PSP through to PS3).