Essential Elements

•    Start the game with  your family  ‘Ride-on-mower.’ Basic at first, but ultimately a…

throbbing, churning, grass mulching, monster!

•    Equiped with two hydraulically driven outboard blades, these units can be individually raised and lowered.  The vehicle is steered from the rear wheels and pivots around on the front axle, giving the player lots of control over the placement of the outboard blades. 

•    If the player makes it to the later levels, a sleek ‘Hover-mower’ becomes available. This mower rides on a cushion of air.  It’s faster than the ‘Ride-on-mower’ but presents the player with a completely new and novel control method.

•    The game is portrayed in 3D, with the viewpoint in 3rd person.  The mower and rider in the centre of the screen. 


•   Expansive playfields that range from sun drenched leafy parks, or the rolling greens of an exclusive country club, to a halogen lit underground lab where the results of strange experiments will try to eat your face off.

•    Lawns are central to the game play and the grass is portrayed as a layer draped over the ground surface which the mower cuts into, leaving a clearly defined path behind.

•    Terrain sprouting a thick layer of grass is sculpted to form hills, plateaus, and valleys connected by slopes. These open areas of turf are broken up with a huge selection of buildings, paths, fences, water features, trees, hedges, shrubs, and flower beds.

•    The player measures their performance through the game, by the amount of publicity their exploits are attracting.

Accumulate as much money and fame as possible by…

Selling fermented fuel which…

You make by cutting and collecting grass that…

Grows in all sorts of places, like parks and stadiums.

Unfortunately, you forgot to ask permission to mow the patch!