Challenging Levels

There are four main stages, each larger and more challenging than the one preceding it.  These stages follow a story, and have individual missions which are communicated with cut scenes.
Each level has a set maximum time limit applied to the play.  This time limit is communicated by the passing of a day.  The player starts the levels in bright afternoon sunshine, and this slowly wanes into evening and eventually pitch-black night.


Practise In Parents Yard
This being the first level, collect all the grass you can while gaining familiarity with the controls and the environment.  Avoid destroying the mower as you find the best way around the swimming pool and the compost heap.  Your mission is to find your father’s wedding ring in the long grass.

Be A Good Neighbour On A Suburban Street
Long Suburban Street. Hemmed in by houses on either side; all with a front yard; all with neatly laid out lawns.
Clear all the front yards without being stopped by irate neighbours and discover the entrances to the ‘bonus’ backyards.

Cleanup Union Park
It’s a sunny day and the player intends to mow a large public park.  By this stage the player should have made some interesting modifications to the mower.
Watch out for the grounds keeper, find the patches of poisonous plants, and earn a bonus from the town council.

King Of Pop’s Ranch
Your final challenge a large sprawling urban ranch owned by the reclusive pop star, that hasn’t seen farming in a long while.  Strange things happen out at the secluded property.  Some say there are weird genetic experiments.  Some say they have witnessed UFO's in the skies.

Hazards, both mobile and static, infest the stages.

•    ‘Transmission trashing’ rocks poking up out of the turf.

•    Squirrels burying acorns which sprout into huge oak trees.

•    Stairs that can be bounced down but can’t be climbed.

•    Grass must be trimmed up close to trees but contact with their trucks should be avoided.

Bonus Stages.
Interleaved with the main stages these ‘bonus levels’ have a set challenge involving a sport that’s played on grass.  Invariably the player turns up the night before a big event, and the damage they do is broadcast on a sports news item which is played back to the player on the completion of the level.

Maple Valley High School Football Arena
Arriving at the stadium in the evening, you find that the lights are on, illuminating the wide flat pitch.  Roaring up a service ramp you land on the outfield and hope that you can get the job done before someone notices.

Mackey Farm Race Track
The player has discovered that the local race course will soon be opening for its spring events and the track hasn’t been mown all winter.  Unfortunately you told a buddy, who told a buddy, etc.  On the day you turn up expecting a bonanza, you find that you have a bit of competition.

Maple Valley Country Club
The local golf course is hosting the PGA tour.  You are unaware of this and have grown cocky from previous successes.  Parking on a service road you scan the terrain of softly sloping grass, waiting for you to tear into it.  Watch out for the ‘iron’ wielding club members in their buggies.

All the levels have secret bonus areas, such as finding the highway and mowing the traffic islands while avoiding the fast moving traffic.