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My musings on what I would like to see in a hybrid Stills/Motion camera.

I’ve been an active participant in Red Cameras Reduser and Scarletuser forums.
These are a series of articles compiled from submissions that I’ve posted on these forums.

What do we do with the wires?

Most of the accessories attached to the modular camera will need to be connected by cable.
I’ve been speculating on possible solutions to keeping these cables under control.   

Those little signature fins that sprout out of the Scarlet and Epics bodies could be converted to cable channels.  


This looks like a good way to get the cables under control, but I'm a fan of every feature having multiple functions.

I'm using the channels cut into the top deck and the base to attach the screen and handle using little lugs that slide into the channels. these lugs have the bottoms scooped out so that wires can still be run underneath.

Those channels cut into the body look like they were destined to catch on things. 

To solve this I’m imaging a soft material shaped into cylinders so that it fits really snugly into those channels. Soft enough to hold wires (without crimping) in place.
Possibly with some shock absorbing properties?

I’ve made these cylinders long enough to provide a bit of protection for the corners of the camera.
They could possibly provide a bit of grip too?
These bits of plastic would be soft enough so that they could be cut with a blade and used to pack around additions such as the handle attached to the top deck.