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Metadata Musing

My musings on what I would like to see in a hybrid Stills/Motion camera.

I’ve been an active participant in Red Cameras Reduser and Scarletuser forums.
These are a series of articles compiled from submissions that I’ve posted on these forums.

To be able to input ‘updating fields’ into the metadata attached to each clip.

For example, ‘###  #boat harbour# #gps# #date#’

The labelling system could include updating fields such as ### which is a number that increments with each press of the start/stop recording button, until a new label is specified.

  • ‘Date’ being the current date inserted.
  • ‘GPS’ so that an exact position that the footage was taken can be tracked, or returned to (Great for locale scouting.)
  • ‘boat harbour’ would be a user inputted text string used for labels and notes. I’ve been to festivals where I’ve shot some band footage and I’ve had to note the name of the band somewhere (usually on the program or the back of my hand.) It would have been nice to have a label attached to the clip in camera.

The metadata could be updated from a workstation through USB or a mobile device like a phone with Wifi.
It might be useful to be able to input a ‘shot list’ and be able to scroll through and assign the labels while shooting.

For example, a researcher the night before could input ‘Opera house’ ‘harbour long shot morning’ ‘disembarking passengers’ ‘harbour long shot evening’ and the camera operator would shoot footage to match the labels.

Really pushing the concept could be a ‘send to Red’ option added to my Nokia N95 (or any Symbion phone that supports Wifi) that appears in the ‘send to’ menu.

This would allow me to write a note, send it to the camera, and have the note attached to the clip.

That said, I could write a note that is saved in the phone, attached to the metadata, and sent off via SMS/email (don’t ask me why, I’m brainstorming! Something like ‘Loch Ness monster captured at end of fishing trip.’)